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The St. John's University local chapter of the American Association of University Professors (AAUP), Inc., is the oldest faculty union on campus, first organized in 1961. Its work led to the historic St. John's University faculty contract of 1970-2: for the first time at a private college in the United States, faculty collectively bargained for their employment conditions. Because of political turmoil during the early years of unionization at St. John's, the bargaining unit at the university is split equally between two faculty unions: the local SJU-AAUP chapter, and the Faculty Association (FA). Faculty members may join one, both, or neither, but all faculty vote on the contract after it has been negotiated for them by representatives from our two unions. Although the reasons for having two distinct unions are now simply a matter of SJU's history, rulings of the National Labor Relations Board since the 1980 Yeshiva case make a merger of the two unions a difficult task. For more details on the history of the two unions, and the repercussions of the Yeshiva case on a merger, see the 2008 NewsletterSee also our link to the 1967 book, Crisis at St. John's, written by two SJU sociologists.

Faculty who wish to vote in the SJU-AAUP Inc. local chapter elections must support the local chapter ($50 Fulltime / $20 Adjunct) as well as pay dues to the national AAUP (adjunct $51; fulltime $204). Join both! Please keep in mind that the combined local and national AAUP dues are still very low. Regardless of how you feel about union politics, remember that unionized faculty generally have higher salaries than non-unionized faculty. Please support us.

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