STJ-AAUP Chapter

Why join both the Local SJU-AAUP and the National: to vote! 

Faculty who wish to vote in the SJU-AAUP local chapter elections must support the local chapter ($50 Fulltime / $20 Adjunct) as well as enroll as members of the national AAUP (annual rates vary according to income $58 - 258). Join both! Please keep in mind that the combined local and national AAUP dues are still very low. Most faculty union fees are much higher. Unionized faculty make much more money than non-unionized faculty.

Join SJU-AAUP for the first time.  Renew your SJU-AAUP membership by logging on to the upper right with your password, and then "view profile"---you will be taken to the renewal page. If you forgot your password, use the password rememberer. It works immediately.

Join or Renew National AAUP membershipImportant: remember that you will be joining AAUP via the "non-collective bargaining" dues area. Don't worry, though, you'll be counted by the National office as a member of the St. John's faculty unit anyway. Even though we DO collectively bargain, we are the only AAUP chapter in the U.S. that does not require all faculty to join---that's why AAUP still counts us "non-collective bargaining" chapter. AAUP made this error when they put up their website in 2014 but they still haven't corrected it yet.


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